Why we have the 3 hour rule


I am constantly amazed that a lot of the people we come across who are lifelong candle lovers, don’t know about the 3 hour rule. I thought it was a good time to explain the couple of reasons we follow the 3 hour rule with all of our KandleS.


One reason for not exceeding the 3 hour rule is we need to protect our gorgeous glass tumblers. All KandleS not just our BlacKandleS, that are presented in glassware can only sustain a certain amount of heat. As with all safety precautions there are probably slight exceptions to this rule but it is not something that I recommend testing yourselves! (Yes, Riley.. that means YOU)


Before you light your KandleS each time you need to trim the wick to around 6mm. We do this to help prevent wick mushrooming. (That funny little mushroom like effect that happens when our wicks are too long) Wick mushrooming leads to debris falling into your KandleS which can cause wax pool fires.. a massive no no obviously! What you might not know is when you let your Kandle burn for longer than 3 hours you will also end up with the used part of the wick leaving debris in your Kandle which can also lead to wax pool fires.


You can always be like Steve and take full advantage of the 3 hour rule…. Steve has 3 BlacKandleS beside him on his desk (our dining table/his new home office). He is standing beside me as I write this telling me how he loves to mix it up (but I only let him have 3) between his Pink Champagne & Exotic Fruit, Vanilla Bean & his new favourite Lime, Coconut & Elderflower. Please note, Steve’s favourites change regularly 😉

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