The great misconception of Triple scented candles

Triple scented candles.. there must be so much of a good thing in these candles.....

I have debated doing this post for a very long time now...

I have debated doing this post for a very long time now, and well.. here I am. From the moment we launched BlacKandleS there have been a few people who have talked to us about how only the very best candles are triple scented… because obviously they have the highest amount of fragrance, so they must be better than all the others right…. Ummm no.. not at all.


I understand that certain brands highly flaunt this term as a marketing ploy. I also understand how you could be fooled into thinking that you were receiving something that is more generous in scent than anything else on the market. It’s in the wording.. Triple scented.. there must be so much of a good thing in these candles…..
The truth of the matter is, when you buy a scented candle you would be hard pressed to find one that isn’t Triple scented! The actual term means that the fragrance used in these candles has three levels.. Top notes, middle notes and base notes. Top notes are the strongest of the fragrances through to the base notes which are the softest of the layered scents. So to that effect, yes there are 3 layers.. just not 3 times the amount of fragrance as the term could suggest.
misconception of Triple scented candles
australian made BlacKandleS candle

As a Chandler (Candle maker)

As a Chandler (Candle maker), if I actually was to use 3 times the recommended maximum amount of fragrance.. we would end up starting house fires all over town. I can assure you this is not an exaggeration, every one of our fragrances comes with a warning that we are very careful to follow for this very reason. I can reassure you that BlacKandleS will only use up to the maximum amount of fragrance in each of our products to avoid possible horrific consequences.


I have had a few people say that we should jump on this band wagon to get people to buy our “Triple scented” candles. I can’t in good faith use this same marketing ploy used by so many others. If you want to know about our products I will use the truth.. no fallacy.. just facts.

BlacKandleS prides itself on only using the highest quality Australian made wax, fragrance and diffuser base. Our fragrances are comprised of botanicals that are grown all over the world and blended here (The only reason they come from all of the world is we don’t have the climate to sustain some of these beautiful flowers here). We only ever use the maximum safe amount of fragrance in all of our products so we can deliver incredible scents for the senses safely.

If you have already tried BlacKandleS you will already know that our products speak for themselves. We proudly deliver our scents for the senses to keep you coming back time and time again without the use of misleading marketing.

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