Introducing the Coastal Collection

Discovering the Coastal Collection, a new layer of sophistication to deliver our scents for the senses while encompassing an upmarket coastal vibe alongside our Classic BlacKandleS.
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Introducing the Coastal Collection: Embrace Tranquility with Luxurious Candles and Diffusers

In the ever-evolving journey of BlacKandleS, Steve and Kel drew inspiration from Kel’s high fashion background, aiming to carve a niche where chic opulence meets the olfactory delights of scents for the senses.

Born out of a desire to create products that seamlessly blend into luxurious spaces, BlacKandleS emerged as a symbol of timeless style.

"When Steve and I were first establishing what we wanted BlacKandleS to be known for, we called on my high fashion background.
We wanted our products to be chic, opulent and stylish. We wanted our scents for the senses to be the first thing you notice when you walk into any space."

For four years, BlacKandleS has had an endless love for the colour black. However, amidst the journey, a new idea emerged – a vision to make BlacKandleS white, inspired by the coastal tranquility of their local waterfront.

"I have always seen black as the timeless, quintessential essence of style. Hence, BlacKandleS... How do you make BlacKandleS, white? It has been an idea rattling around in my head for a couple of years now. One we have deliberated on for a very long time."

This vision gave birth to the concept of BlacKandleS Coastal – a fusion of the brand’s signature sophistication with the peaceful coastal vibe. The addition of these elegant Coastal BlacKandleS and Luxe Coastal Diffusers is a beautiful way to also capture the embodiment of an upmarket coastal asthetic. 

"I wanted to make our BlacKandleS, white. I knew I wanted to incorporate our love for our local waterfront and the peaceful coastal vibe that we embrace, to tie into our new look. I knew that the combination of white vessel and timber lid was the perfect way to encompass that upmarket coastal vibe to our branding."

The creative journey unfolded with the collaboration of BlacKandleS and their talented logo designer, seeking to align the new logo with this transformative line. After much contemplation and exchange of ideas, the breakthrough moment arrived – BlacKandleS Coastal was born.

While we’re thrilled to introduce our Coastal Collection, rest assured that we remain dedicated to crafting and offering our timeless BlacKandleS Classic Collection. With its sleek black vessels and captivating fragrances, our classic line continues to embody sophistication and style, ensuring that you always have the perfect choice to enhance your space.

"It is with great pleasure that we share with you... BlacKandleS Coastal."

Elevate your ambiance with the Coastal Collection – where the evolution of style meets the soothing embrace of the coast.

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