What do you mean I have to set my BlacKandleS memory?!?!

Haven't ever heard about memory setting for KandleS?...
Set your kandles memory

Don't worry you aren't alone...

To create an even burn from start to finish for your BlacKandleS it is really important to set the memory when they are first lit. For every 2.5cm of diametre you need to be ready to burn the Kandle for 1 hour when you first light them. This ensures that the pool of wax created will reach across the outer edges of the glass. By doing this, whenever you light the KandleS they will burn to that outer rim ensuring an even burn all the way to the bottom of the glass jar.


N.B. For our large BlacKandleS which have a diameter greater than 7.5cm, you wait until the pool of wax reaches the outer rim of the glass tumbler. If it takes longer than 3 hours for the large KandleS to reach the outer rim this is alright, so long as you keep a watchful eye on it. Remember to never leave a lit Kandle unsupervised.



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