To Trim or not to Trim…To Snuff or not to Snuff

Trim or not to trim #1

Like in many facets of our daily lives, maintenance is often key and although itself does take up some time; the majority of the times the benefits outweigh the time taken…………candle maintenance is definitely no different!!


So many times I have heard people tell me that they think that candle snuffers and wick trimmers are a waste of time. I’m here to tell you that they are far from that! Both of these candle utensils help sustain the life of your candles as well as help maintain safety.


For those of you who have used candles for some time now, you all would have seen a candle where debri from the wick has fallen into the wax. Not only are the little black pieces of wick somewhat unsightly, they also can be a safety hazard. Debris can cause wax pool fires and cause your candle vessels to crack, or even explode with the extreme temperatures that they create. This is where wick trimmers come into play….


Trimming your burnt wick before each use removes the wick that will end up falling into the candle. Why not just use scissors I hear you ask….. The advantage of a wick trimmer over scissors is three fold. Firstly, you get a nice straight edge parallel to the top of the candle, secondly wick trimmers are designed to catch the trimmed wick to prevent it from falling into your candle and thirdly you can use them to keep the wicks short all the way to the bottom of your candle vessels…..scissors you often can’t get in close enough. When your wicks are trimmed not only are they safer, they also give you a cleaner brighter burn. If your wicks are untrimmed, they will mushroom which creates the debris and usually ends up leaving your glasses sooty on the inside.

Candle snuffers have been around for centuries to extinguish your candle flames. They are the original candle tools! We all know the most common way to extinguish your candle is to blow it out, or there is the “tough” or “party trick” way of wetting your fingers and extinguishing the flame by pressing the wick between your wet fingers………..neither are ideal!! A candle snuffer is perfect for extinguishing your candles as they do so without damaging or moving the wicks or burning your fingers.

Like their fellow candle maintenance tool team member, the Wick Trimmer, they aid in preventing wick debris from falling into the wax pool of your favourite candle. If you simply blow out your candle, there is a good chance your breath will dislodge some wick debris. Obviously using your fingers, may not be the smartest method when it comes to your own safety. The candle snuffer extinguishes the flame by removing the oxygen from around the flame, with no falling debris and no burnt fingers!!

Looking after your wicks is THE biggest key to keeping your favourite BlacKandleS burning brighter and ensuring they are being used in the safest manner. They will also burn for much longer. It’s a no-brainer really…

Help your candles have a longer, safer life………get yourself a wick trimmer and snuffer today. A limited number are available on our website so why not make them an addition to your next candle purchase!!

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