The strength of supporting locals


Before we launched BlacKandleS, we had a lot to learn in relation to setting up an online business. Especially me! I am great at buying things from a website but I had never ever been involved in setting up a website.. let alone one that people would actually want to buy from! Let’s just say these were interesting times in our household 😉


In this time, (and let’s face it.. many times since then) we have been incredibly blessed with friends and locals who are small business owners themselves who not only want to help impart their knowledge of such things but willingly share information about other locals who do wonderful work to help us achieve what we are striving for in BlacKandleS.


Just yesterday I received a message from Kylie @ JT Signs who pointed me in the direction of fellow local Nathan from Nath made it. I have since ordered the most amazing custom made camphor laurel carry case for all of our samples for wholesaling. (Please note, Kylie also designed our logo, does all of our print work and just happens to also be the best company in our boardroom.. see boardroom photos below. This is one of the many reasons we love being Wynnum/Manly locals) Kylie has also given me the best contact for my nails on the south side of Brisbane (Donna @ Delish Nails & Beauty)

The incredible duo from Inspire Athletic, Steve & Nicola. These guys are not only amazing with all of your sporting nutritional needs but they are also the first to jump in and help point us in the right direction when it comes to packaging supplies etc. Steve, who took the time during GC50 while waiting for Nic and I to finish, to chat to my Steve through website advice. Who does this?!??! You know who.. amazing people! That’s who!!

I’m sure you would have all seen how yesterday we had the very talented Sean come to do our professional photos for when our retailers want to promote our products on their social media and their websites (as well as our own). This man of many talents and his beautiful wife Sue, are not only incredibly talented but they are also residents of our beautiful Bayside community. Please note, Sean also works developing software programs for businesses AND he writes a blog about amazing locals in our beautiful Bayside.

Our local stockist Bango Jango loves the fact that they are selling not only an Australian made, artisan Kandle to their customers but a locally made product. And like many of our BlacKandleS customers, every time I go in their to talk Kandles.. I generally walk out with something else that is a must have for home. Tammy and the girls have gorgeous products and they can talk you through whatever you are looking for.. especially when it comes to KandleS 😉 Tammy has also taken the time to introduce me to a lot of other locals and helped with advice on things like local freight providers.

We have worked really hard to make sure that in as many ways as we possibly can we buy Australian made. Our wax, all of our fragrances and diffuser bases are all made in Sydney. Our new wax melter (Winnie) is made in Melbourne by a gentleman by the name of Rob. He started his business because his wife wanted to learn how to make candles… please note.. she is yet to make a single candle to this day.


BlacKandleS has been forged with the help of many locals (just like these guys) who took the time to not only point us in the right direction but since then they have taken the time to share and shout out about our products. When we say #supportlocal it is not just for BlacKandleS it’s what we encourage everyone to do wherever possible. Trust us. It’s very much appreciated.

Make sure you jump on Facebook and check out what these other incredible locals do. Everyone of them is talented and soooo good at what they do. And should you need their services, when the time comes and the work is done, take 2 minutes to jump back on Facebook and write a review. Not only will you make their day, but you will also help another local find someone amazing. Trust me, word of mouth and reviews like this is what small businesses thrive on.

One thing I have learned throughout this adventure is that when we can go out to eat again and I have a beautiful meal I will make the time to go home and post a review. Not just thank the chef who has prepared the food and the server who takes care of us, but also spread the word of the business to other potential customers. I am only now understanding the true importance of supporting local. We want these places to thrive and to keep their doors open so we can keep enjoying!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to help, advise, promote, share and support BlacKandleS. We can’t do this without you! xx

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