Sustainability – Reusing & Re-purposing


I have always heard the word sustainability...

I have always heard the word sustainability and tried to implement as best as possible into my everyday life, but initially we never really understood our ability as a little family business to produce sustainable products. 

When it came to BlacKandleS inception, we knew we wanted to use the finest quality and environmentally friendly products that were available. These were the two core requirements that we focused on when looking at selecting all of the ingredients which we still use to this day.

What became clear from the day we launched

What became clear from the day we launched our BlacKandleS website, was the desire from an overwhelming number of you to know that our products could be reused and or repurposed. The answer is simple.. yes, both our KandleS and our DiffuserS are totally refillable. Not only that, but for our local candle connoisseurs, if you have a preloved Kandle vessel that you purchased before we got you addicted to BlacKandleS.. we can refill those for you as well!! (So long as the vessel is free from cracks or damage which we can check for you)

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