Rise of the MandleS

3 Hour rule

We have had many beautiful surprises during our BlacKandleS journey, one of these is learning about this incredible group that I have dubbed The MandleS. (AKA – Men who love KandleS)


Since we launched a few weeks ago, I have received many messages from friends and customers telling us that they have been lifelong Kandle enthusiasts (on the quiet) and how much they are loving making BlacKandleS a part of their every day. We have received a stream of photos of home office desks where there is a BlacKandle perched beside the laptop. Best of all are the messages telling us how much these KandleS are brightening their work days! Please note, that most of these desktop photos belong to our MandleS. (Like the photo below)


Trust us, throughout this process there has been no better feeling than having a message arrive letting us know that our BlacKandleS have made someone’s day brighter. We are loving that a lot of these messages are coming from our MandleS and that they are embracing their love for scents that are designed to delight their senses.


We are even discovering that these MandleS develop from quite a young age! We often hear tales of sons who suddenly appear in the lounge room with the slightest hint of our KandleS drifting through their houses and then all of the sudden, teenage boys are disappearing back into their rooms with their Mum’s & Dad’s KandleS. I would strongly suggest that this is a wonderful thing knowing of prior complaints from said parents of the prior stench omitting from their rooms before these young MandleS discovered BlacKandleS.


We encourage all of our MandleS to embrace their love of BlacKandleS and scents like Champagne & Strawberries, Lime, Coconut & Elderflower or Tropical Coconut (yes, you know who you are!!!) We want you to know that you are far from being on your own, there is a whole world of MandleS out there!!

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