Purity of Essence or ‘Purity of Scents’

Purity of Essence

...as we like to think of it!!

The BlacKandleS family prides itself on listening to our customers. We really want to listen to what you want from us. Since we started we have taken on board your advice and after much research and product development we now hand make our own DiffuserS and will shortly be adding wax melts to our BlacKandleS collections! This is thanks to you!


When we are doing our research and product development there are several things we want to ensure before we release the product to you, our BlacKandleS customers.


We have two non negotiable things we consider before we even look at producing new products. We begin by doing our research to determine that what we are looking at is something that we can produce safely. Not just safe for us to produce but safe for you, the customer, to use in your homes and offices.


When it comes to the development stage, we spend countless hours sourcing the highest quality ingredients. Then it is on to testing to find our perfect blends of BlacKandleS scents for the senses. We do this to ensure that these products are something that you will not just want to make a once off purchase, but you will want to come back to time and time again for more.


There are times however where we will say no to enquiries. We have of late had a few enquiries as to adding things like dried fruit, flowers, crystals etc for decorative purposes. There are a few reasons we won’t be adding these products to our BlacKandleS KandleS. Firstly, all of these additives are to be considered foreign matter and when you are dealing with a naked flame there have been issues reported with wax pool fires due to this matter. While this is something that doesn’t occur with every candle that has foreign matter added to it, it is an added risk that we are not prepared to take. We also feel that when we started BlacKandleS we always wanted it to have a sleek high end feel to go with our scents for the senses fragrances. By adding such foreign matter to our products we feel we would be taking away from this feel.


Please know that all of your ideas and enquiries are looked into in great depth and thanks to you, our BlacKandleS customers, we are bringing many of your ideas to life.

We look forward to hearing more of your ideas and feedback going forward! If you have any ideas that you would like us to look into, please feel free to reach out and let us know by sending us an email to kel@blackandles.com.au.

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