Let’s talk about diffusers


Diffusers were always something that we had wanted to get into down the track for BlacKandleS. What we didn’t count on was the amount of people who were wanting to experience BlacKandleS without the flame. Largely due to small children, a lot of people love to have incredible scents for the senses throughout their homes but can’t have KandleS in their spaces. Incredibly sad. I know! The other thing we discovered is that a lot of people also like to use our Vanilla Bean scents at the end of the day to help them drift off to sleep. Our diffuser range gives a much safer alternative if you like to do so at bedtime. So due to the huge demand, we have introduced diffusers which have been an another exciting addition to our BlacKandleS range a little sooner than planned.


One thing that was really surprising to us when we started BlacKandleS was how few people knew about the 3 hour rule. I thought this was a good opportunity to make sure that our Diffuser enthusiasts are aware of a few tips to help you get the most from your BlacKandleS diffusers.


We had a lot of people saying how they have found over the years when they buy a diffuser, that the scent never seems to last very long. There is a very simple reason for this. To get the most out of our addictive BlacKandleS scents, take your diffuser to the sink and turn the reeds upside down. This helps to reinvigorate your scents for the senses and deliver more of the fragrance throughout. It’s really simple to do and it will keep your diffuser giving for as long as there is fluid in the bottle. Once you have turned the reeds, wipe the outside of the glass to ensure there is no fluid on the outside of the bottle and wash your hands with warm soapy water.



Our BlacKandleS diffusers are all designed to last approximately 6 months. To prolong the life of your BlacKandleS, be sure to keep your diffuser out of direct sunlight, away from heat sources and out of breezeways.


It is really important that like all diffusers, you keep the fluid away from areas where they could be knocked over. Diffuser fluid has been know to stain and discolour. If it is spilt, be sure to wipe the surface immediately to help prevent staining.


In essence, getting the most out of your BlacKandleS diffusers is not something that is difficult to achieve and the reward is that they will just keep on giving you more of our delicious scents for the senses.


For more information on BlacKandleS KandleS & Diffusers be sure to check out our FAQ at the bottom of the webpage.

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