From setting the memory of your KandleS now to reminiscing with our KandleS

Wild Mint & Lime

So last week we taught you (for those who didn’t know) about setting the memory of your BlacKandleS. This week we thought we would share with you one of our favourite parts of this journey. It is something that has been quite unexpected but incredibly beautiful and at times.. quite funny.


One of our favourite things about sharing our scents with our BlacKandleS family, friends and clients is that most people when they move from Kandle to Kandle they will often tell us their stories. Sometimes it is as simple as being by the beach with a cocktail in hand. Other times it’s more fanciful where they are dreaming of being by a fireplace cuddled into a loved one. (Don’t ask me why but there is usually a drink in hand when these stories are being told)


We love that one scent can remind one person of being with a certain someone on a beach in the Seychelles but the exact same scent can remind another of waxing their surfboard as a young man by the water.


For me personally, I left home at a young age and I moved around quite a bit until I had our youngest kids. The KandleS that I burned through these moves were what made me feel like I was home. No matter which roof was over my head, it still smelt like home to me.

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