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BlacKandleS Car Scents


BlacKandleS Car Scents are designed to encapsule our BlacKandleS scents for the senses to provide a safe alternative to liquid diffusers for your cars, boats and caravans. BlacKandleS car scents are perfect to pop in your vehicle to keep it smelling beautiful every day.

They are not only safe for your vehicles but we have only used the smallest available beads to ensure the safety of your littlest family members.

BlacKandleS Car Scents – Available scents are Lemongrass & Persian Lime, Pink Champagne & exotic fruits, Beachside Vibes, Vanilla Bean, Guava & Lychee Sorbet, Dreamy Vanilla Caramel, Thai Lime & Mango and Amalfi Coast.

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