Once you go BlacK you will never go back….


BlacKandleS way to temp you to try something new...

Since the launch of BlacKandleS a few months ago, we have faced a challenge that we have been working to find a way to get around. Whether it be due to distance or current travel restrictions we can’t always get to everyone for you to sample our scents. With so many beautiful and interesting scents on offer it can make it difficult to choose. So after a bit of research we are very proud to share our Tempter Tins.


 Originally these tins were designed to be purposeful for those of you who travel and like to take your scents for the senses along for the trip.

BlacKandleS Tempter tins give you approximately 7 hours burn time from each tin and are reusable and refillable. Best of all they give you the ability to sample lots of new and different scents to find your favourites when you can’t get to a stockist.


I want to also take the time to thank everyone for their feedback. All of the feedback we have received from those who are already enjoying BlacKandleS products has been overwhelming and is gratefully received. Especially when it comes to things like this. You talk. We listen.

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